As a 'Full Service' distributor, we have the stated ambition to market our brands at European level.


Due to our accumulated knowledge of the market, both in retail and in co-packing activities related to POS materials and the passion to guide your product through the supply chain in a fast, sustainable, flexible and cost efficient way, we are always looking for products which brings an optimization, but every product must meet one or more of our eight ambitions.


We dare to develop your brand “further” in order to meet an excellent “customer experience” with a “minimum of waste”.so that the brand meets the different needs in the ever-changing market.

We offer a "full service" R & D - marketing & sales mechanism that will transform your brand into a:
  • A flexible marketing application

    • - Smart Modular Applications
    • - Integration of technology
    • - Flexible printing solutions
  • A product that produces less waste

  • An End-to-End supply chain solution

We focus on "sales power" and build around our brands both sales channels as well as a network of sales agents.