With GLS Creations as a partner, we develop all of your in-store communications. Whether it concerns packaging, promotional or permanent concepts, shelf decoration or shop-in-shop solutions, we develop it all and we bring you a complete solution.

We create concepts in line with your needs and with respect to all retail requirements of your distribution processes. (Merchandising concepts, prefilled mounted solutions, co-packing optimizations, etc ...). And this at a competitive price-quality ratio, thanks to our excellent network of suppliers and production in the EU. As well in cardboard as in permanent materials we create for you solutions that work!

GLS Creations provides a “one-stop-shop”.

We dispose of a team of experts, each specialized in different domains. This guarantees you, as partner/customer, focus on your core business, because you don't have to look for various service providers, and guaranties you, above all, the highest quality at a short payback time.

We do more than follow the trends and the developments in the market. We innovate and create 'Value' for you!